Quantifying Microscopy Images: Top 10 Tips for Image Acquisition

This is an article on different tips and tricks for imaging samples in a microscope. Many people using a microscope may find it challenging to acquire images or find the correct settings to use. This article will go over the different approaches you can take to increase your sample acquisition efficiency. 1. Lossless File Formats […]

What Is a Microscope Made up Of?

A microscope is a device that uses an optical system with lenses to magnify small objects and images by a significant factor. There are two leading microscopes: photomicroscopes, which use visible light, and electron microscopes, which use electrons in an electromagnetic field. The main components are the objective lens, ocular lens (or eyepiece), specimen stage […]

4 Essential Features of the Modern Comparison Microscope

The modern comparison microscope is a thing of beauty, and for a good reason. Depending on the comparison microscope you use, you can make side-by-side comparisons or compare a section to a whole slide. They’re perfect for seeing subtle differences between samples and making a diagnosis. They’re also great for topical examinations. The microscope itself […]

What Are the Uses and Applications of Microscopy in Science?

Microscopy uses a microscope to view objects, usually on a stage called an optical surface. Microscopes improve observation of small and highly detailed structures and images that would be too small or too faint for the unaided eye to see. Microscopy is the part of biotechnology focusing on imaging and increasing resolution. That is achieved […]

How to Buy Microscopes

Since the past convention, years science and technology have a significant contribution significantly contributing to making education easier for humanity, through its vast range of techniques and developments of many instruments, thanks to its countless and innovative inventions. Microscopes are one of those innovations and are one of the specially designed optical instruments used to […]

Strongest Microscope Variants

A microscope is an instrument used to study objects that are too small for the naked eye. A typical list of magnifications (from low to high) includes 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x and 1000x. The number determines the number of times larger the object appears than it would without being placed under a microscope. Different […]

Functions of Microscope

Science has a whole branch to explain how do light microscopes work. A simple microscope contains a lens with high magnification, also known as a loupe. The multiple lenses in the compound microscope aim to enlarge the image without reducing the resolution and chromatic aberration. Even specialized microscopes like electron microscopes are based on the same […]

Uses of a Digital Microscope in Agriculture

The digital microscope is one of the essential tools used in agriculture. It helps increase yield and food production, which is beneficial to farmers and population growth. The digital microscope is used for various purposes in the agricultural industry. It can be used in many other ways, such as detecting pests and virus-carrying insects. It […]